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Is that Hope, or Doom on the Horizon?

By now we would be deep into the first half of the 2020 MotoGP season with the third race taking place next weekend at the Circuit of The America’s in Austin Texas. Unfortunately, there has been absolutely no racing so far this year due to the dreaded Corona Virus also known as COVID-19. The Corona Virus is a Global Pandemic affecting much of the world with over 450,000 confirmed cases and over 20,000 deaths worldwide.

While the virus ravages countries like Italy and our own, Dorna just announced that it would again reschedule the first race of the season and that the Red Bull Gran Premio De Espana would possibly be postponed to a later date or cancelled.

The most important thing is to prevent the rapid spread of this disease by limiting social interaction and increasing social distance by maintaining a six-foot interpersonal space distance. This distance is impossible to keep at a MotoGP race, therefore all the races up to this point in the season have either been rescheduled or postponed.

Dorna sport CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta has repeated that no matter what, there will be a 2020 MotoGP season,

“Even in the worst situations we will maintain our motto: the goal is to race.”

With the impacts of the virus in mind, much of the world is transitioning to virtual efforts to keep fans entertained and MotoGP is in the mix by pushing a Virtual MotoGP race where professional racers such as Marc Marquez and Alex Rins will race online in the MotoGP 2019 video game. The race will take place Sunday March 29th and can be viewed on MotoGP Videopass or NBC Sports will be airing the event as well.

Race fanatics have also been turning to other racing options that aren’t being impacted as much as MotoGP, such as online marble racing. This is also a sport that I follow and have noticed it gaining a lot of attention in recent weeks as all live sports have been essentially cancelled. Jelle’s Marble Racing was even featured on ESPN 8 on March 22nd.

No matter what you are doing to keep yourself occupied throughout this experience, we are all hopeful to see some form of 2020 race season as promised by Dorna.

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