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Surprise MotoGP

Going to see a domestic Moto GP race is vastly different from seeing a foreign race. For one, you don’t have to fly more than six hours to get there so Jet-lag is far less of a thing. Currently, there is only one Moto GP race here in the United States. The race usually takes place around April and is the third event on the 22 race season calendar. Held at the Circuit of The America’s in Austin, Texas, this race last year was extremely exciting because Marc Marquez, no stranger to the top step of the podium in Texas had crashed out. Although he had one the last six races at the Austin track, he would not be able to make it number 7. I would have liked to have been there to see the excitement in the stands as the widely regarded antagonist crashed out and was unable to score any points, but unfortunately I had gone to the race in 2018.

When my boss told me around the end of March in 2018 that I would be attending a conference in San Antonio in April the first thing I did was check the calendar to see if I could make the race. Sure enough, the conference wouldn’t start until Monday which allowed me enough time to secure a rental car and tickets to the race.

Dustin, who was now home from contracting in Kuwait wasn’t planning to go to the race, but I called him up and told him to check some flights. Dustin was an integral part in me going to Spain to see my very first GP race. He even paid for VIP tickets, something I wasn’t immediately able to pay him back for, but now would be my chance. I told him that if he could get a flight, that I would cover everything from tickets, to our hotel and anything in between. Being that we were both in the military I was able to obtain tickets to the race for about ten dollars. This might give you an idea of how popular MotoGP is here in the states.

Although Marc Marquez did win the race that year, I couldn’t have been happier to get to see yet another race with my buddy Dustin and I felt a bit vindicated about finally returning the favor to Dustin. Although there were no VIP concessions and no infield race viewing, we still had a fantastic time. We even got to meet a few of Dustin’s friends since he is originally from Texas. One of the most important things about attending these races isn’t even watching the actual race, its getting to meet new people and spend time with friends who share the same interests.

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